Stern Grove Wedding

Amber and Emma's weekday Stern Grove Wedding in San Francisco was a nice change of pace from the normal weekend routine.  The couple exchanged rings and shared vows beneath the towering redwoods in a small clearing just outside the old Trocadero House.  After the ceremony, friends and family moved up to the house for drinks and mingling.  Fine food and square dancing kept all in attendance comfortable and having a good ol' time.  Black Crown Stringband got the party started and had an easy going approach that helped every guest join in on the fun.  Never underestimate the entertainment value of a bluegrass band and some square dancing! Chris and Christian

High key photo of wedding dress hanging

Bride applying makeup in mirror in San Francisco, CA

Bright pink wedding shoes

Back of wedding dress detail

Mother of bride helping with jewelry

Family of bride toasting mimosas

Redwood ceremony location at Stern Grove Wedding

Happy wedding guest at Stern Grove

Below the redwoods at Stern Grove Wedding

Bride walking with father and step father at Stern Grove Wedding

Father and Step Father of Bride walking down aisle at Stern Grove

Bride and her father walking down aisle in San Francisco

Bride seeing bride for the first time

Flower girl giving bouquet to parents

Wedding guest taking photo down the aisle

Couple exchanging vows at Stern Grove wedding

Couple exchanging vows under redwoods in San Francisco

Couple kiss for first time at Stern Grove Wedding

Couple walking away after wedding ceremony in San Francisco

The Trocadero House at Stern Grove

Large family grouping on deck of Trocadero House

Detail of table setting at reception

Reception at the Trocadero House at a Stern Grove Wedding

Wedding couple in front of large wooden doors

Bride and Bride walking together in San Francisco

Detail of Brides holding bouquets

Wedding quartet performing at the Trocadero House in San Francisco

Detail of Pimms bottle at wedding

Mother of bride at cocktail hour in San Francisco

Detail of wedding guest with cocktail and blue tie

Candid photo of fathers of Bride during cocktail hour

Wedding guests at Trocadero House during cocktail hour

Wedding rings in Stern Grove

Brides Bouquets at base of redwood tree

Brides holding hands at reception in Trocadero house

Couple greeting tables during wedding reception

Toddler at wedding reception in San Francisco

Detail of wedding cake

Wedding guests toasting couple on deck of Trocadero House at Stern Grove Wedding

Black Crown Stringband performing at the Trocadero House

Father daughter dance

Parents of bride promenading during square dancing

Bride square dancing at wedding in San Francisco

Wedding guests square dancing

Detail of photobooth chalkboards

Wedding guests holding message to couple