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Wedding at Saratoga Foothill Club

Delicate lace, bold and vibrant bouquets of flowers, a touch of tradition and a bit of surprise; these elements were beautifully woven together to create Maren and Marcos’ stunning wedding at the Saratoga Foothill Club.

We knew we were in for a treat with this wedding as we had the pleasure to also shoot engagement photos for the couple at Big Basin State Park. This was one of those shoots that didn’t feel like work, as it was easy to capture candid moments of Maren and Marcos having fun together. The resulting photos truly reflect the love radiating between this couple.

On the big day Maren and Marcos treated their guests to a movie montage of dance scenes, which was inspiring to those of us that are less inclined to cut a rug on the dance floor. Another unexpected delight was a Mariachi band, which was especially meaningful as Mariachi’s also performed at Maren’s mother’s wedding.

The fun atmosphere was punctuated by gorgeous centerpieces featuring a deep burgundy, gold and emerald green color scheme surrounded by fragrant pines, perfect for an early winter wedding. We would also be lying if we didn’t mention that a selection of mini pies wasn’t also a highlight for guests and photographers alike.

It was incredibly fun to use the natural light streaming in through the large windows to capture this beautiful wedding at the Saratoga Foothill Club. The long tables of rich, weathered wood created a gorgeous backdrop for the array of handmade desserts and beautifully curated decorations.

We are very happy to have been a part of Maren and Marcos’ big day. It was a day filled with loving family, rich traditions, and tasty food, but most of all it was a pleasure to capture this moment for a fun couple whose love for each other radiates in every photo.

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Redwood Grove Wedding at Roberts Recreation Area

Ask anyone about the greatest day of their life and you're very likely to hear of a milestone event. Graduating from college, marrying the love of their life, or having their first baby are all once-in-a-lifetime experiences that eventually become fond memories. Milestones such as these become even more special when they're intertwined with cherished traditions and sentiments that are unique to our own story. 

Joanna and Katie recently celebrated one of the greatest days of their lives when they were married in the redwood grove at Roberts Recreation Area in the Oakland Hills. Surrounded by their closest family, friends, and loved ones they exchanged vows beneath the gorgeous redwood trees. There was no shortage of beautiful floral arrangements, adorable signs, and fun games at this wedding, but the sweetest part were the tender moments and beloved traditions that these two will carry with them throughout their life.

Their first look began with Jo and Katie reading heartfelt letters they had written each other. Back to back, and smiling ear to ear, the joy was written all over their faces. The love between them was tangible and such an honor to capture. After the ceremony, we headed down the road for the reception at the Sequoia Lodge. There was a lot of effort put into detail, and they even coordinated a flash dance to Fleetwood Mac with their wedding party. This group sure knew how to have a good time! But the detail that most stood out was lying on a table in their own version of a guest book.

Following family tradition, Joanna's grandmother made a tablecloth for their loved ones to sign. All loving sentiments will be embroidered by her Grandma Bev, and the tablecloth will be brought to important events and holidays for years to come. Jo and Katie's special day went off without a hitch, and will undoubtedly be a day they consider one of the best of their lives. The decorations and details were impeccable, but the sentimental aspects are surely the ones they'll look back on with the warmest of memories. Great times with loved ones, sweet feelings summarized in writing, and a piece of cloth that is irreplaceable to carry with them for a lifetime. 


Chris and Christian

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Bay Area Backyard Wedding

When Carey and Chanee contacted us about photographing their Bay Area backyard wedding, our ears instantly perked up. We love shooting weddings that are unique and personal to our couples and a small backyard wedding with family and friends was right up our alley. Following a quick ceremony, we took the couple to a nearby park for some portraits and even shot some on their beautiful tree lined street. We got them back to their reception just in time for some yummy BBQ and some fun dancing. Small and intimate events like this are one of our favorite types of events to cover and we really appreciate this couple letting us be part of theirs. We wish this couple all the best in their future together!


Chris and Christian

Portrait of Bride and Groom in Vallejo, CA
Wedding at Rancho Soquel

Working with Kate and Brody during their engagement session in Santa Cruz gave us some insight into how fun it would be to work with them on their wedding at Rancho Soquel. These guys were wonderfully laid back and made sure that having fun with their friends and family stayed at the top of their list all day long. Their enthusiasm was contagious as it was hard to find a candid of a wedding guest without a smile on their faces. The beautiful, open and sunny backdrop contributed to the jubilant mood as Katie and Brody were married in front of a simple elegant arch and enjoyed dinner with their families against the backdrop of a really cool old rustic barn. 

We started the day by shooting some getting ready photos and captured some details prior to the ceremony. We loved the layout of the property and we were excited to get the event going so we could begin shooting all the handsome guests around the venue. Not only did we get to capture the cool ranch style architecture but we also captured the playful details that Kate and Brody used as decor-included a very delicious donut display.  The ceremony was short and sweet and fit in nicely with the easy flow of the day. Even the weather felt easygoing on this day-we loved the sunshine that graciously lit up but didn’t overpower the couple as they shared their first kiss. Dinner was delicious and we loved the speeches; so much fun! You could tell just how likeable this couple is by the way their friends and family gushed about them.

Light treated us very nicely as the day made it's way into evening and we were able to shoot some nice portraits of our couple. Lastly some getting down and funky on the outdoor patio dance floor before we bid the couple farewell.

Bridesmaids in robes before wedding at Rancho Soquel
Detail of wedding dress hanging in tree with custom hanger
Candid portrait of bride getting ready before wedding
Groom greeting wedding guests at Rancho Soquel
Rancho Soquel grounds before wedding
Candid of bridesmaid and mother of bride
Candid of groom and groomsmen at Rancho Soquel
Groomsmen in front of plant wall at Rancho Soquel
Portrait of bride and her bridesmaids at Rancho Soquel
Rancho Soquel and portrait of DJ Jefty
Candid of wedding guests before ceremony at Rancho Soquel
Wedding guests
Wedding at Rancho Soquel
Bride and Groom during wedding ceremony at Rancho Soquel
Bride and Groom kiss for first time
Portrait of wedding officiant and guest at Rancho Soquel
Cocktail hour at Rancho Soquel
Wedding guests during cocktail hour at Rancho Soquel
Wedding reception in front of rustic bar at Rancho Soquel
Bride and Groom being announced for the first time
Maid of honor giving toast at rancho soquel wedding
Maid of honor and officiant giving toasts at wedding
Candid portrait of bride and groom listening to toasts at Rancho Soquel
Portraits of bride and groom at Rancho Soquel
Bride and groom portrait at sunset at Rancho Soquel
Custom signage and donut bar
Donut bar at Rancho Soquel wedding
Golden sunset first dance at Rancho Soquel
Candid wedding guest portrait
Outdoor dancing at Rancho Soquel
Rancho Soquel dance floor
Their photographer bailed last minute. We saved the day.

We have said it in the past, and well, I guess there is nothing stopping us from saying it until we are blue in the face, but we really love weddings at San Francisco City Hall.  Maybe it's the expedited time frame and the real spontaneity of the images, the awesome architecture, or the intimacy of a civil ceremony but really it's probably the coming together of all of these aspects. Here are a handful of images captured recently for a couple who reached out in somewhat of a panic. The photographer they had hired bailed on them at the last minute (who are these people?!) and after a quick search they came upon our work. We're so happy we were available and could help them out.


Chris and Christian

Portrait of bride and groom at San Francisco City hall
Weddings at San Francisco City Hall
Candid portrait of bride and groom walking to City Hall wedding ceremony
Black and white photo of bride and groom climbing grand staircase at San Francisco City Hall
Wedding at San Francisco City Hall
Wedding ceremony in the rotunda at San Francisco City Hall
Bride and Groom exchanging rings in City Hall
Black and white wedding portraits of bride and groom at San Francisco City Hall
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