Portraiture of Damian King

We've been really excited by the amount of portraiture work we've been getting lately!  With our wedding season wrapping up, it's been so great meeting new folks and helping them update their websites and social media profiles with new portraits.  A few weeks back we met up with our good friend Damian King at his home in North Berkeley.  Damian is a freelance illustrator and sign painter and we love following his work.  We used the natural light in his workspace as well as the area in front of his home to take a variety of casual portraits.  We even uncovered his vintage BMW 2002 to use as a prop. You can view Damian's work online at http://www.damiankingart.com.

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Chris and Christian

Portaiture of Damian King Damian King, Illustrator Detail of light table and portrait of Damian King Environmental portraiture of Damian King Damian King with his BMW 2002