Engagement session on the Embarcadero

The other day we were walking around in downtown San Francisco and we thought it would be so great to one day do an engagement session on the Embarcadero.  Many of our recent engagement sessions have happened in wide open nature spaces, so the idea of exploring a more urban area and experimenting with some new scenery was exciting.  A few weeks later that opportunity presented itself.  We had spoken to Michelle and Geoff and had been going back and forth about where to shoot their session and we remembered some of the cool city spots we had found recently.  We met Michelle and Geoff near Justin Herman Plaza and set off to explore some green space at Sydney G. Walton Square and some of the areas around the Embarcadero.  The couple brought their fantastic smiles and great attitude as well as their two dogs George and Frankie. Our evening ended with us shooting some twilight photos on Pier 7. We had a lovely time shooting with these guys and wish them well as they set off for their wedding in the Dominican Republic next year.

Chris and Christian

Engaged couple in Sydney G. Walton square in San Francisco Couple walking dogs at sunset in San Francisco park Detail of couple on city stairs and in Sydney G. Walton square Couple embrace in San Francisco park Urban engagement session in San Francisco Engagement session on the Embarcadero Engaged couple on Pier 7 in San Francisco

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