Portraits for Feburary

Portraits, portraits and more portraits!!  Here at e&b we are all about people.  We take pictures of people, we love engaging with people, we're even people! When it comes right down to it people are what connections are all about. We love shooting portraits of folks being them and looking like its all going down naturally. We are good at what we do and we enjoy it tremendously. If for some strange reason you might be thinking of gift ideas for the near future, *Cough, Valentines Day...ahem* our portrait sessions are a fantastic gift idea, you know if you were looking for that type of thing. Looking forward to catching some sweet portraits of you and your people!



Chris and Christian

Portrait of woman in vintage clothing in Oakland
Lifestyle portrait of indie farmers in Sunol
Anniversary session in San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge
Grandpa and grandson in Oakland park