Indian and Western ceremony wedding

Light and color are often all a photographer sees, beyond moments that need to be captured of course.  When we realized what was in store for Radhika and Ryan's double ceremony wedding day we couldn't wait for it to arrive!  The couple, along with their family and friends, basically took over a small inn in Marin county.  The inn had lovely grounds complete with a large magnolia tree, lush green grass, and tons of hydrangea plants.  The day started off with an Indian ceremony, which are quickly becoming some of our favorite events to shoot.  After a small break, the western portion of the day kicked off with a more traditional wedding ceremony.  The Indian ceremony was filled with color and tradition and we felt very much part of the party.  For the western ceremony, Radhika had a beautiful dress and Ryan was decked out in a clean grey suit with yellow striped tie.  As evening fell on the reception, the grounds took on a very different feel that was pretty magical. We loved being part of this unique celebration that brought the best of two worlds together and having the chance to shoot so much love, light, and color.

Chris and Christian

Couple honoring ganesh during indian ceremony in Marin, CA Detail of Indian Priest during ceremony in Marin, CA Guests during Indian wedding ceremony Bride and Groom during Indian wedding Couple greeting family after indian wedding ceremony Portrait of ganesh and wedding portrait of indian couple Detail of Indian wedding dress with flower garland Detail of wedding henna on hands and feet Ceremony site at Inn Marin Bride walking down the aisle with mother Portrait of Bride and Groom during Inn Marin wedding Bride and Groom walking down aisle after ceremony Indian bride holding bouquet Candid portrait of bride and groom in front of evergreen Portrait of bride and groom after western wedding ceremony Wedding cake and dessert Bride and Groom performing song during wedding receptionDSC_6087 Bride and Groom dancing at Inn Marin DSC_6116